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what we do

Skillway has been set up to help you develop skills that enhance your mind and body, improve your job and career prospects, and become a better person overall.


Our offerings are run as workshops with multiple participants or as one-on-one sessions to suit your individual requirements in multiple locations in Trivandrum, Kochi and Bangalore.


Please note that all our offerings are also available as Skype sessions so that you can benefit from our courses irrespective of your geographical location


Our head office is at C-32 Krishnavilas, Sanker Lane, Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum 695 010, Kerala.


Our workshops and one-on-one sessions are held between 10 am in the morning and 11 pm in the night, all days of the week including Saturdays and Sundays, so that you can find a time to participate irrespective of your other important commitments in life. If you want more information about these sessions, please call +91 858 902 2680 or Whatsapp +447449206725.

a few words from our head coach at skillway

Hello, This is Hari, your head coach at Skillway. First, a few words about myself. I was born in Trivandrum, Kerala 47 years ago. I went to Trivandrum Medical College to become a doctor, then did an MBA (Thunderbird/ ASU, USA), an MSc in Finance (London Business School, UK), and MSc in Leadership and Strategy (London Business School, UK), worked in multinational corporations like Bayer and Novartis, lived in the US, Switzerland and the UK, ran businesses such as cable television in Trivandrum, beauty salons in Britain, restaurants in Trivandrum and a healthcare startup in the US. Now I am back in India and want to pass on whatever I have learned in life to people here so that I can do something that benefits fellow Indians. My background in medicine, business, finance, leadership & strategy, and my experience living in different parts of the world have given me a perspective on life that is unique. In addition, I am an avid runner and ran both the Trivandrum marathons (2015 and 2016), finishing 3rd in ’15 and 10th in ’16, with timings of 3:55 and 3:57. My LinkedIn profile is available at:


I can guarantee you that if nothing, participating in a workshop or one on one session with us would help you gain an edge in life that I took over 45 years to develop. If you need help and advice with business, your personal life, your education, your career, your health and fitness or just some skills to get you ahead in this world, please just pick up your phone and call us at +91-8589022680.


Hey, if you are giving a presentation at work tomorrow or attending a job interview and feeling nervous about it, you can call us for help! If it is your new business idea or your existing business that is troubling you, then also you can give us a shout. If it is about self control and how to stop worrying, no doubt you can use our services. And, if it is your weight and body fitness level that are bothering you, of course you have come to the right place for advice and action. Dial +91-8589022680 and let us guide you.

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