Skillway | Keeping your cool at work
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Keeping your cool at work

Keeping your cool at work

Your boss is driving you crazy with work. 8 am to 10 pm most days now. Management is driven by investor timelines. Cash-burn rate is over what is expected. There is the threat of redundancy also from what you are hearing from colleagues. How do you keep your cool in this scene?

The following steps would keep you afloat:

  1. Your life is not at risk. So consider yourself lucky. Just thinking of people who are in the ICU of the nearby hospital should make you sigh with relief!
  2. You have specific skills that you can take anywhere. If needed, sign up for a Udemy course or a Udacity nano degree. So, brush up your LinkedIn profile. Get your CV updated. Strengthen your network by meeting up with some key friends during the weekend. This will come in handy when the rubber hits the road – if you need to look for a new job.
  3. Download any app that teaches mindfulness and use it. 15 mins of mindfulness (which really doesn’t need much training on if you have one of these apps) a day will help you keep your cool in a big way. This will be great boss-proofing and has stood the test of time.
  4. Think of why your boss is making your life miserable. He has his timelines to keep and his job to secure. You are just another link in the chain, except, the buck stops with you! Try to develop some compassion for your boss – may not work when you cringe each time you see her.  But trying this does not take much effort.

Try these out and see how quickly it makes a difference for the better!